Last Of Polymer Clay Pins – for a while

These are the last ones I am going to make for a while. Maybe for a year. The Asian coin ones are a new style. Hopefully they will be good sellers.

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Polymer Clay Pins

I’ve been trying to finish up the rest of the pins my sister started when she was here for the holidays. I still have a bunch to go. Here’s a few that I finish.

More kimono pins.

Some simple stick pearl pins.

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Happy Holidays!!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. My sister visited and made some polymer clay pins. She was on a roll making the kimono pins. These are some of them.

The last two pins are ones I made trying to get my sister to make some different pins. She wasn’t that keen about the last pin with the stick pearl but when it came time for her to pick some to take home, she took it. Guess she liked it. I have of pieces that still need to be finished so I’ll still have some to sell at the fall craft shows.

I also made another key finder for my friend.

She likes yellow.

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