Push Pins

I finally got a cigar box filled with push pins. Yay!! I can’t believe that I’ve made over 100 corks of push pins. That’s over 300 of them. This is my last batch. I’ve been working on them all summer, making a few sets each time I torch.



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Push Pin Season

Making more push pins to sell at the fall craft shows. I’m making a set every time I torch and got these made in the past few weeks.


I need to start concentrating on animal push pins. I checked out what I had left from last season and only had a few sets left. I’ll be making plenty more before I fill up a whole cigar box.


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A Whole Box Of Push Pins

I filled up a whole cigar box of push pins. Yeah!!

I still want to make about 10 more sets, so that’s 30 more pins. I still have my work cut out for me especially if the weather stays hot. I can’t seem to get a good chunk of time in the garage. I have to keep coming inside to cool off. These are ready for the fall craft shows. Hope I sell them all!!

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Back To Push Pins

I sold a ton of push pins last year and got really burned out making them. Now that I’ve had a break from them I’m getting back into making them for the fall craft shows. Here’s the first ones.

Ignore the dust on the glass. It’s from the corks. I sand the bottoms down so they don’t roll around. The frog face, the one on the bottom left is a new design. So are the spiral designs. Still trying to come up with new ideas.

This little piggy stayed at home and missed the group shot…..

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