Viking Knit Bracelets

I previously made up some copper viking knit and cut it into small sections for bracelets. These are two I just put together.



The second one is my attempt at “organic” beads which I don’t have very good success at.

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One More Viking Knit Brangle

This is the last one. At least for a while. This one is also made out of copper. I still have to darken the copper a bit, then tumble it so it’s nice and shiny.

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Another Brass Viking Knit Brangle

Has anyone noticed that I can never make just one thing at a time? Guess I’ve moved on to bracelets. Last month it was hair sticks. Anyhoo, this is another brass viking knit brangle. This one has some beads added on the same wire as the viking knit. It’s a bit chunkier.

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Brass Viking Knit Brangle

What’s a brangle? It’s a bangle/bracelet. Bangles are usually one piece. I made this using two pieces. They seem to fit a variety of wrists better than bangles do. I made the viking knit part out of brass, along with using brass wire and beads. I used some of the beads that I made in a previous post.

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