Some New Stuff

I’m still trying to come up with ideas for beads for the Beads Of Courage charity. Here’s the latest.

Uh oh, I didn’t clean my beads very well. Should take new pictures but I’m too lazy. I guess I’m calling these generic birds because I don’t know what bird looks like these – if any.

Someone asked me if I could make a pie slice. This is my first shot at one. I blanked out when it came to the pie crust and decorations on the top. I’ve eaten enough pies to know. I’ll have to check out some real pies and inspect them closer. That would require tasting them too.

Dirty and blurry. How bad can it get? This is supposed to be a chick. I think we can all agree that this bead is a thumbs down. I like the generic birds better.

This is a pendant I made. It was fairly simple. The hardest part was making the coils to go around the bead. The coils are really small and I didn’t have anything thin and rigid to wind the coils onto. I had to use something a little bigger and I think this would look better with smaller coils. Have to get me some piano wire…..

Okay, not all new stuff. I finished these up sometime last week and never got around to posting them. So, more kitty and bunny key chains.


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