Finishing Up A Few Things…

When my sister was down for the holidays last year she made a bunch of porthole pendants. They have been sitting around so I finally finished them up. Gluing a image to the glass domes and putting them into the porthole pendants. That’s the easy part.

I put this one on a leather necklace because the bail just happened to fit. I have to figure out what size tubing my sister used for this as it works perfectly with this size leather.

I used silk ribbons for the necklaces on the next three pendants. I finish them with a two hole glass button and glass end caps. The two hole button acts like a slider type clasp.

The reason the end caps and button isn’t showing in this picture is because I “lost” one of the end caps before I had a chance to glue it on. I now have to remake it tonight.

Close up of the pendants.

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