Short Ornament and Another Skeleton Key With Beads

I’m kind of lost as far as making things out of glass. I torched this weekend but didn’t have anything specific to work on. So, I tried a short ornament that would be able to be hung on a Christmas tree. The others are kind of long and probably a little too heavy.


This one ended up to be about 4 inches long.

I really like making beads on skeleton keys. It’s a little challenging as it takes longer for the key to warm up and there is always a chance that my glass rod that I hold the key with will break. I especially like the ones that I can make more than one bead on. This one had a long shank so I put on three beads, the middle one has silver foil in it.

SkeletonKeyBlackSilverNow I have to make the skeleton keys into necklaces.

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