Totally New To Me

I didn’t want to get started with a new medium but I broke down, the temptation was too great. I’ve been wanting to play with bronze and copper clays but I already doing so much that learning a new thing wasn’t in my plans. I wanted to make some rustic looking charms to use in my jewelry and couldn’t figure out a way to do that easily with a bronze sheet metal so I bought some bronze clay and tried it out. Now I remember why I don’t like metal clays. I don’t like working quickly and don’t like doing test pieces in my kiln to make sure the temperature and time is correct. But I was on a mission. My first batch was a total failure, my second batch took all night to fire because I realized the binder probably wasn’t going to be all burnt out so I turned off the kiln and let the whole thing cool and started the firing over again. Those two pieces turned out great. So, this morning I fired the rest of the pieces I made. Here’s the results:



I used Hadar’s Smart Bronze clay which is fired differently than all the other bronze clays. It’s a nice gold color. These have been cleaned and tumbled. The sterling silver square charms are what I did last night since I couldn’t make beads. I’m still not all that confident that all is well with these pieces. I guess wearing them and time will tell. The reason for this is when I drilled the hole in the charm to the right of the little square charm, I thought the drill bit when through kind of easily and I got out black powder. Also, the second charm from the left has a hairline crack in the back and I’ve tried to break the piece but couldn’t. I did make some thin pieces that came out warped and when I bent them they broke up into pieces. They were about 2 playing cards thick which I did read after I made them that for copper and bronze clay, the pieces have to be thicker than with silver metal clay. The second one from the right, I cored with sterling silver so I did hammer on it and it held up just fine.

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Silver Metal Clay Bead Stick

I made this a while ago and since I have nothing new to post this weekend, this was the best thing I came up with. The bead stick is made out of metal clay. The picture shows the front and back of the stick. The silver beads are made out of metal clay too. The purple beads are furnace glass from Mingo and Asho. These glass beads are awesome!! I made the black and white dot bead.

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