Kumihimo Bracelets

My sister was here for the holidays and she brought a kumihimo cording kit. I’ve wanted to make one but didn’t want to get into buying the supplies for another hobby so I’ve been putting it off. Here’s a few that she made. I added the end caps and clasps. These cords make up quickly so she made several in just a few days.


The one on the right is the fibers that came with her kit. The one on the left is from stuff I had already. I had some fringe-like yarn that made the little wisps of fiber stick out all over. I want to make a beaded cord someday.

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Something New

I got together with a bunch of friends for a play day. One gal is learning how to dye and felt scarves so she showed us how to make a felted scarf. It’s an interesting process. We all worked on it so it didn’t take nearly as long as when making one alone. I was the lucky one and got to keep it. Here’s a really crappy picture of it. I couldn’t get a better picture of the way the fibers are now felted together.

It’s really a lot more light and airy than it looks in the picture. I love the colors!!


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Beaded Tassels

I just got back from a vacation in the High Sierras. It was beautiful there, as always. This trip gives me a chance to work on things that are different from my usual stuff. Here’s a few beaded tassels I made using Robin Akins finger weaving technique.

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