Bracelet, Plant Stakes And Beads

I’m all over the place. I’m trying to finish up the ladder bracelets and start on assembling badge holders. I’m making the beads for the badge holders and at the same time decided to make some plant stakes to see how well they will go over at the craft show.

This one is yellow moss agate.

Two aventurine ones. Sorry about the crappy picture.

Two dyed agate obviously to resemble lapis. Or maybe not so obvious….

Amazonite gemstones in this one.

Double wrapped pearl one.

Some miscellaneous buttons that I plan to use for the last of the ladder bracelets.

These are red with Fire Lotus silver glass in them. I’m trying to use some of my silver glass even though I’m silver glass challenged. I got some color out of this one that doesn’t look like brown poop.

Amber posted a tutorial on Lampwork Etc. on how to make the two beads with silver foil in them. She called them Fire Opals which hers looked more like a fire. Mine, not so much but I did get some color and wispy things and they do look cool with the silver foil in them. I think this set will make a nice badge holder.

An opal yellow with raku frit and purple stringer work. I’m still trying to practice my stringer work each time I torch.

My friend made  several plant stakes and I thought they were cute. I decided to make some for the next craft show. I’m not going overboard on them, probably make about 10 to see how much attention they get. I think they would look nice stuck in a potted plant. Give a boring green plant some pizzazz.

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