Another Ivory Shard Big Hole Bead

This was supposed to be hollow but it didn’t turn out that way. Ivory glass is really soft and soupy when hot. My walls collapsed so this ended up solid instead of hollow. Good thing it’s not HUGE.

BHB-IvoryShardBeadThis one is a bit lighter and kind of looks like some kind of marble or rock.

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Dot Beads With Big Holes

Made some big hole beads last night.


Different colors to see what I like. I think I like them all.

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New Big Hole Beads

A couple more in some new colors.


The left one is more purple. The one on the right I was hoping the color would be more transparent so I could layer other colors underneath but it’s definitely an opaque white.

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Pinky Purple Hollow Bead

I made these bead a while ago, then realized I didn’t have the right color of anodized aluminum to make the bead caps. Ordered some, waited two weeks for it, never got it, had to call the company and they sent out a new package. This one is pinkish purple with pink microbeads filling the inside.


PinkPurpleMicrobeadsTwo different views. It’s cored with sterling silver tubing and the glass is veiled cane so it has striations in it.

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Back To Big Hole Beads

These are a few I finished last weekend.


Left is a painted bead with sterling silver bead caps and cored with sterling silver tubing. The right one has enamels, frit and a line of purple around the middle. The bead caps are brass, cored with sterling silver tubing.

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Another Hollow Bead

I just sold this one. I kind of wanted to keep it because I like purple. I can always make another one.


It’s a clear hollow bead with lilac microbeads filling it. The bead caps are anodized aluminum and it’s cored with sterling silver tubing. The blue looking bead cap is really more purple. I couldn’t get a good photo.

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Leather and Big Hole Bead Bracelet

I bought some corded nappa leather a while ago and never got around to using it. It’s a double wrap around bracelet with a magnetic clasp. I want to see how the beads move around, it they drop to the back of the bracelet or stay on top. It’s going to get worn next week to try it out.


I added some sterling silver beads in between the cored beads for more bling.

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More Hollow Beads

Made two more hollow beads filled with microbeads.

PinkMicrobeads DarkBlueMicrobeads-3Both are made out of veiled cane glass so they have striations throughout the glass. The have been filled with tiny microbeads and capped with anodized aluminum bead caps, then cored with sterling silver tubing.


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Few More Beads

Some kitties…….


And one big hole bead…..


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More Hollow Beads

I got this clear hollow made up into a necklace. It has red microbeads inside and the bead caps are anodized aluminum.


This next one turned out kind of large and I got a few bubbles in it. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. I thought the color would turn out more red but it’s definitely orange.


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