More Sparkle Beads

Four more sparkle beads……


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Green Hollow Bead Necklace

I know it’s green. I accidentally cut the bead caps in reverse. I meant to have the black on top and the green on the bottom so only a little rim of green would show. Since that didn’t happen, I filled the bead with green microbeads.


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Blue Hollow Bead Necklace

Another hollow bead made with blue veiled cane. It has some lines in the glass that are different colors. I filled the bead with thin microbeads and strung it on a sterling silver chain. A few pearls finish the piece.



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Hollow Bead

Another hollow bead. I haven’t figured out how to use it yet. Just got it cored and capped. I used some ultrafine glitter and made a complete mess. The bead caps are made out of anodized aluminum and I shouldn’t have domed them as much as I did. The glitter was coming out from the sides of the bead caps. Finally got them tight enough so the glitter wouldn’t keep coming out.


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Another Hollow Bead Necklace

I finally got a clear hollow made. I tried filling it with different medias but nothing was looking good. Finally settled on some gold glitter. Finished it with brass end caps. Put it on a copper bead stick that I made a while ago along with some beads.

HollowBeadWithGoldGlitterThis glitter is a bit chunkier than other glitters I’ve used. Kind of looks like tiny bits of real gold.

Also, more kitty beads…..


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New Beads

I’ve been making some clear beads to try out this technique where the beads are colored after they are made. While making clear beads is kind of boring, I’m really liking them after they are colored and cored.

CoredBeads CappedBeads FirstTwoThey sparkle and are really vibrant in person. Except for the green one. When using transparent colored glass the color has to be really pale in order for the color to show. It does sparkle but it’s more subtle than the rest of the beads.

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Charm Necklace

I put together three charms I made onto a sterling silver ball chain. I added the clasp as those connector things are too hard to take apart and put back together.

ThreeCharmNecklaceI stamped the little rectangle tag with a Kanji character – Happiness and made the bead that is cored with silver tubing. The triangle charm is made with scraps of silver that I’ve accumulated. I want to use some of the bronze clay pieces in necklaces like this.

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More Big Hole Beads

I got more big hole beads cored with sterling silver. With the other ones, I think this will be plenty for my friend. In fact, too many. I’m sure her Pandora bracelet isn’t large enough to put all the beads on there, especially the larger ones. But she will have lots to choose from.

She wanted purple and blues. I didn’t do too well on the colors she wanted, oh well. I’m still trying to figure out how people make these beads more complex. It tough making them small because the big hole already makes them bigger. Still need lots of practice but these should suffice for right now.


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