Something Different

Yep, this is something totally new for me. I got together with some friends for a play day and we all worked on different projects. I got started working on bezel setting these glass cabochons that I made a while ago. When I came home, I finally got my micro torch hooked up so I could finish this bracelet. Now I can solder any time I want. I’m so excited!!

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Another Necklace

I had some leftover beads that I made and they all kind of matched up. I quickly threw this piece together. I made all the murrini used in it.

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Candy Jack Swap

I finally got enough murrini made for the Candy Jack swap that I signed up for. Here’s the Candy Jack beads I made for it.

Not anything complex as these were the first ones I’ve ever made. Or at least ones that were usable. I had to trash a few that I made. It’s a whole different way to work with colors.

After making the simple bullseye canes, I decided to try something a little more complex so I made a heart cane. It’s still pretty basic but I’m trying.

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My Own Murrini

I  decided to participate in a Candy Jack swap. It requirements are everyone makes their own murrini to use in them. I hardly ever do swaps for various reasons but I thought this one would force me to stop procrastinating about trying to make my own murrini. It’s a totally different way to use colors and how they react together. That is only one issue. Building the murrini is something my brain has a hard time with. Hopefully, I’ll get better with practice.

So, here are some I made. Forgive the bad picture. It was the best that I could take.

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Yep, It’s Another Candy Jack Necklace….

Yes, I made another one. I think this will the last one for a while. I need to start making other things for the fall craft shows. I’m so behind schedule this year. Guess I’ve been spending too much time making Candy Jack necklaces.

I have to admit when I took the picture, I noticed a crack in the middle dangle so I’m going to have to remake that one.  Dud. I thought this one turned out pretty good too.

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Can You Stand Another Candy Jacks Necklace?

Yep, it’s another Candy Jacks necklace. This one is in pastel colors and it’s going to be mine. I love these colors, they are some of my favorite glass colors.
I’m officially a murrini addict…..

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Glass Cabochons

I’ve been making some off mandrel pieces so I can bezel set them in sterling silver. I want to make a few bracelets and pendants using them. I made two different sets.

Since I’ve been playing around with murrini, I had to make a set with them.

Forgive the crookedness of them. I haven’t ground down the bottoms yet to make them nice and flat. I’ll be doing that when I get a chance to “borrow” someone else’s lapidary grinder.

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Another Candy Jacks Necklace

I made another Candy Jacks necklace in the same colors as the last one for a friend. They are fun to make, though they take quite a few murrini. I’ve got to start building up my murrini stash which means either making them myself (yuck) or buying them!!

Wishing everyone a fabulous 4th of July!!

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Candy Jacks Necklace

I completed enough beads to make my first Candy Jacks necklace. Lots of the murrini are orange/corals so I paired them with different coral colored glass beads and dangles.

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Candy Jacks

Lori Peterson, a wonderful bead maker did a tutorial on these beads. I just had to try them. Mine aren’t as colorful and playful as her beads as I don’t have or make my own murrini. I guess I could, it just takes time to make a bunch of them. Much easier to buy them and have a good selection.

In the same torching session, I made a bunch of other dangles and beads, just playing around. Here’s all the beads including the above beads all on one chain in no particular order.

I guess I need to buy more murrini.

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