Copper Bail Pendants and Other Things

I started a ladder bracelet this week and never finished it. I’m finally getting tired of making them. Not that I won’t go back and revisit them later. I’m still making buttons for them and should have a good stock of them when I do get back to making them.

First up is a couple of glass pendants that I made a copper bail to hang them from.

I wish I could find bezel cups with higher sides. Just a tad bit higher would be a big help since I’m trying to hide a rivet inside the bezel cup.

I made some new beads to use for these copper bails last night.

The first one has frit and silver foil and silver glass in it. The other two are all transparent glass with a little heart.

More buttons that I made this weekend. I like making buttons….

My mom made these fabric origami boxes. Of course it wouldn’t be right not to embellish them with a glass bead or button.

Aren’t they cute?

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More Buttons And Pin Cushions

Here’s another set of buttons.

Trying to come up with some new designs for the buttons. The ladybug button was a totally disaster. Poor thing got squished. No one wants to see a smashed ladybug. It’s not pretty.

Three more pin cushions. The button on the left one if a new one too. I didn’t want to make a bunch and find out they look terrible. It has a big ball of glass on the top. I’ll be making more of these in different colors.

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Buttons, Pins Cushions and Beads….

I’ve been bouncing around finishing up a lot of things this weekend. I’m still working on more beads and buttons for my cousin’s quilt show. Here are a few more.

Shank style buttons with a cherry design on them. They kind of look old-fashion to me.

Kitties!! That one on the end has a flat head. He kind of looks like Iggy with the fat cheeks.

My mom’s quilting teacher gave her a little pin cushion. It’s really cute. She got the pattern and is going to make me some to sell at the craft show. Here’s the first few.

Aren’t they cute? I’m going to make the buttons that go on them and try to match them to the fabric.


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Mom’s Holiday Decorations

These are a few quilted wall hanging that my mom made.

I’m not a very good picture taker so you have to look really close at the Christmas tree to see the glass snowflakes and the little glass lights that I made for this wall hanging.

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