Viking Knit Bracelets

I previously made up some copper viking knit and cut it into small sections for bracelets. These are two I just put together.



The second one is my attempt at “organic” beads which I don’t have very good success at.

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Two More Friendship Bracelets

I’ve been wearing two bracelets all week long at work to see how well they hold up. So far so good. And they are really comfortable. I thought about wearing them to bed to give them the real test but have yet to try it. I’m not used to wearing jewelry to bed, except earrings that I never take off. These are two more that I finished.


These bracelets are a lot of fun to make.

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New Bracelets

Well, kind of. Two are the same kind I usually make. The third one is a new one.


I love the red and ivory one. I’ll probably make one for myself someday. PurpleVikingKnitThis is the new one with a piece of viking knit for half the bracelet and beads on the other half.  The viking knit is make out of copper wire. It’s made on a dowel, then pulled threw a drawplate. I carry a bag with my viking knit stuff all the time so whenever I have a few minutes I can work on it. It takes a while to get a long piece made.

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New Stuff – Kinda

More bracelets. Yes, I made a lot of bracelets. I guess people like bracelets. I’ve been making a set of beads each time I torch and have several sets already made. These are the first four I made.

Green-BlueBracelets Blue-PinkBracelets

I still have several more to make up some more to come in all different colors. These are made out of copper wire and my lampworked beads.

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Yoyo Flower Slap Bracelets

I got five more bracelets done. They are really easy and fun to wear.

YoyoFlowerSlapBracelets YoyoFlowerSlapBracelets2

The slap bracelets are covered with fabric, then I add a yoyo flower that is made out of fabric and/or ribbon. The reason all of them are on the purple side is because I bought a silk fabric pack as I wasn’t planning on making more than one for myself. It turned out so cute that I thought I’d make a few to sell.

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More Bracelets and Some Beads

I got three more bracelets done.


This one is kind of a strange color combination. The yellow poopy color is red roof tile and it does get darker when it’s heated and cooled but I didn’t realize that until after I took the beads out of the kiln. I still made it into a bracelet because there might be someone that likes these colors.


Two purple bracelets. Who doesn’t like purple?

These are some experimental beads I made last night. I should have cleaned my beads better before taking a picture but I just got the holes cleaned and they were still wet.


Kind of pretty laying on their side, though I’m not sure how or what to do with them yet.

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Two Bracelets

I made the beads and assembled these bracelets this past weekend.

Pink-GreenBracelet-2 TurquoiseSlateBracelet

I’ve got to come up with different color combinations. I’ve used the pink/green scheme before. The turquoise/slate one is a new scheme. I tend not to use turquoise glass since it can be finicky.

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Two More Copper Wavy Bangles

I made a couple more in copper. I added some dome silver circles on one of them. I might do one that has the circles all the way around the bangle.


I really like the rustic look. And it’s nice to wear more than one of them at a time.

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Yahoo!! I Finished My Bracelet!!

I’ve been wanting a chunkier silver bracelet and finally got all the glass cabs made. The disc beads are by Outwest Beads. I only wish I could make a disc bead in one color that turns out symmetrical, much less thin layers of different colors.

SilverGlassBeadBraceletFinishedThe clasp is hidden under the left circle component. I was going to do a different clasp but I didn’t like the way it fit together so I scrapped that idea and went with a hook type clasp. If I knew that when I made the big half loop on the other side, I would have made that smaller. Oh well…..


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Two Skeleton Keys With Beads

I don’t have much to show this week as I’ve been working on a bracelet that has several components so it’s a bit time consuming. I did get some glass beads made on skeleton keys. I really like to make them. It’s fun to have the beads move around.


Because I’ve been playing with dichroic glass, these both have a bead made with it.

Okay, a sneak peek at my bracelet. I have three components done so far.


I still have two more components and a clasp to make. This probably won’t be the order they go in when I finish the other components, I just wanted to see what they looked like linked together.

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