Three More Little People and Some Buttons

Okay, this is it on the little people figures. They are fun but I don’t have the time to play around right now. I need to be making things that I can sell at the next craft show.

And I’ve finally made enough buttons for the button swap that I joined. I only need 10 for the swap but I must have about 30 of them left. Some aren’t so nice, others I don’t want to part with. Here’s the ones I made this weekend.

More floral implosions. I’m still working on the petals and the left one doesn’t show up that well. It’s the frit I used on the back of it. I think I’m getting better with the petals. Still need practice but I’m getting there.

Some more striped buttons. I really like making these in all different colors.


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Little People Mini Sculptures

Lisa Fletcher on Lampwork Etc posted a picture of her little people sculptures. They are so cute!! I had to try to make some. I finished two of them and plan to make another one. I ran out of components. I’ll finish the third one tomorrow after making a few more components tonight. I’m not selling any little people. They will be just for my enjoyment.

I used steel wire for the armature. It’s so stiff it’s a killer on my hands. The components are fun to make and a great way to use up all my short rods as I can use whatever color. Anything goes on these.




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More Fabric Origami Boxes

My mom made four more boxes.

I think she got a little lazy on the embellishment part. Sewing a button on was the easiest thing.

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Copper Bail Pendants and Other Things

I started a ladder bracelet this week and never finished it. I’m finally getting tired of making them. Not that I won’t go back and revisit them later. I’m still making buttons for them and should have a good stock of them when I do get back to making them.

First up is a couple of glass pendants that I made a copper bail to hang them from.

I wish I could find bezel cups with higher sides. Just a tad bit higher would be a big help since I’m trying to hide a rivet inside the bezel cup.

I made some new beads to use for these copper bails last night.

The first one has frit and silver foil and silver glass in it. The other two are all transparent glass with a little heart.

More buttons that I made this weekend. I like making buttons….

My mom made these fabric origami boxes. Of course it wouldn’t be right not to embellish them with a glass bead or button.

Aren’t they cute?

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Crochet Shawler

I finally finished my shawler. It’s a pattern by Shelle Hendrix. It’s kind of a shawl, kind of a sweater. This one is crochet, but I knitted the cuffs.

Front and back views. I made the glass button on it but I forgot to take a close up picture of it. Dud…


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Etched Copper

I’ve been working on a couple of new things. Copper box beads for one thing. I’ve assembled several of them but still have to patina them and give them a good tumble to shine them up. In the meantime, here’s some of the copper I etched.

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Mom’s Holiday Decorations

These are a few quilted wall hanging that my mom made.

I’m not a very good picture taker so you have to look really close at the Christmas tree to see the glass snowflakes and the little glass lights that I made for this wall hanging.

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Washi Paper Magnets

More things to sell at the fall craft shows. These are really easy to make, though it takes me longer because I make such a mess when I have to use glue. I also had issues with the magnets. They are so strong that if I put them too close together, they would stick together. I can’t just lay them out on the table so I found these steel plates that worked out great.

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Kitty Quilt Wall Hanging

My mom made this kitty wall hanging. It’s simple but I love the kitties and the colors.

I didn’t do a very good job hanging it up, that’s why it looks crooked but it’s not. It’s perfectly even. My mom sews really well.

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Wine Cork Trivet

No, I didn’t make this. My dad made it about 40 years ago. My mom still uses it. I was thinking of making some since I had to order a bunch of used wine corks that I plan to put the push pins in. I’m not planning on making that many push pins so I thought about this trivet. Doesn’t look too difficult to make.

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