Christmas Tree In April

I had to make an ornament so I did this sterling silver tree with beaded wire, soldered onto copper.


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Couple Of Rings


This ring is a remake. I wasn’t loving the original so I removed the bezel and replaced it with one that is patterned. I thought it would be too busy but since the stone is a simple round stone, I think it looks better.


RawAmethystRingAlso put this one together. Features a raw amethyst.

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A Ring


Bought some patterned wire and wanted to make a ring for myself.

FlouriteRingThe stone is fluorite.


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More Message Tube Lockets

I made four more. I made the glass cabs to use in these.


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Box Bead Necklace and Other Things

Finally got around to making a silver box bead necklace. Had to add some glass beads too.


Also finished another message locket pendant.

MessageLocket-BlueI used a glass bullet cab on the top and domed the bottom.


I wanted to practice what I learned in Joanna Gollberg’s glass so I did a prong setting for the lavender CZ. The cabochon is glass with enamels and frit on it.


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Gray and Pink Reverse Psychology Scarf

This is the second Reverse Psychology (by Mindy Ross) scarf I’ve made. I think I’m going to keep this one for myself. I love gray and pink. Used pink triangle beads in the scarf.


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Previously Made Big Hole Beads

I made these last year….

PurpleBHBSet-1 TurquoiseCoralBHBSet-1

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It’s Been A While

Gosh, I haven’t added anything for a while. I haven’t been out making beads for a couple of months due to hurting my back. Still been making things, just not beads.Eggs1

EggPendants Beaded a bunch of eggs and made them into pendants. These were have a wooden egg shaped core.

BagMade a crochet barrel bag to hold my knitting projects. This bag too FOREVER to make. I wanted the bag to be sturdy and crochet tightly. Made with Shibui Twig yarn.

Ecru BlueMix OmbreKnitted some dish cloths for Christmas presents. These are made out of 100% cotton yarn.

FiveWrapBracelet FiveWrapBracelet1FiveWrapBracelet2Made a few leather, string and beaded bracelets. Uses some deer antler buttons for the clasps.

Bail ForgedCollarTook Fred Zweig’s class on forged collars. Was able to make a couple collars and a bail. Really fun class. Fred has so much knowledge and is willing to share everything he knows.

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Set Of Big Hole Beads

I’m having fun making these big hole dot beads.

DirtyMartini-Pink-CoralBHBSet-1These are coral, aloe vera green and pink with some dots of silver glass here and there.

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Few New Bead Sets


Black disc beads wrapped with thin colored glass stringer.

RoofTileRed-TurquoiseBHBSet-2Topaz, turquoise, roof tile red colored big hole beads.

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