Message Tube Locket Pendant And Cuff Bracelet

This was in the latest Art Jewelry magazine. I made it a bit differently, using tubing instead of forming the tubes myself and added the stones on both ends. Instead of wire, I used chain to hold the bottom and lid together.

MessageTubeLocket-Together MessageTubeLocket

I wanted a simple cuff type bracelet for casual wear. This is what I came up with.



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Feather and Stone Pendant

This was supposed to be for a bracelet but I made the feather too big so now it’s a pendant.


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More Metalwork Stuff

Got another set of stacking rings done…..


And I decided to finally try drilling stones. I cracked some long and thin stones but got some done. I had one oval one I drilled in the middle. Decided to try doing a stone on a stone piece. Here’s the results…..

The bottom stone is like a river stone so I had to prong set it since the bottom wasn’t even. There’s two piece of silver soldered together but it’s hard to tell since I put some twisted wire around the outside of the first layer. For my first setting like this, I’m fairly pleased. đŸ™‚


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Stacking Rings

I threw these together this morning…..

StackingRingsI even cheated and colored in the fake patina on the heart with a black Sharpie. The two set stones I used pre-made bezels and the brass ball is casting grain.

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Beaded Ornaments

This is a pattern by Heather Collin. These are kind of fun and can be used as ornaments or pendants or just hanging decorations. Just finished these three. Need to get more beads to make more.

TurquoiseOrnament PinkOrnament PurpleOrnament

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It’s Been A While

Gosh, I haven’t added anything for a while. I haven’t been out making beads for a couple of months due to hurting my back. Still been making things, just not beads.Eggs1

EggPendants Beaded a bunch of eggs and made them into pendants. These were have a wooden egg shaped core.

BagMade a crochet barrel bag to hold my knitting projects. This bag too FOREVER to make. I wanted the bag to be sturdy and crochet tightly. Made with Shibui Twig yarn.

Ecru BlueMix OmbreKnitted some dish cloths for Christmas presents. These are made out of 100% cotton yarn.

FiveWrapBracelet FiveWrapBracelet1FiveWrapBracelet2Made a few leather, string and beaded bracelets. Uses some deer antler buttons for the clasps.

Bail ForgedCollarTook Fred Zweig’s class on forged collars. Was able to make a couple collars and a bail. Really fun class. Fred has so much knowledge and is willing to share everything he knows.

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Been A While

Since I last posted and I don’t remember where I left off. I’ve been making beads and starting on a few metal pieces. The metal pieces have a ways to go.

BasicsSet StonesBasicsSet

I made these two basic black and white with a little gray sets a while ago.

PaulineWarg-FlowerVessel-WithFlowersGot the idea to add glass flowers to my eye dropper lapel pin. I thought of this late in the evening so I attempted using epoxy. While the wires are securely fastened to the dropper, it would have looked better to use resin and fill the dropper, then add the wire flowers.


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My Finished Vessel Necklace

I got the chain part done yesterday and started working on a topper for the lid of my vessel today. It didn’t turn out like I wanted and I thought of another idea AFTER making this so I’ll have to remember to use the ideas next time.

PaulineWargVesselClass-Finished-SmallAdded some rocks for added interest.

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Pauline Warg’s Vessel Class

I took Pauline Warg’s vessel class last weekend. Here’s the two pieces I made.


PaulineWargVesselClass-1I still need to add a chain for the necklace part. Will probably make something up to match the vessel. The vessel is sterling silver with a etched copper piece riveted on the front. It has been formed using a hydraulic press.



This is a little flower bud holder made out of a glass syringe. The end has been closed up and the black things are o-rings. I was planning on putting a design on the front but I got lazy and just finished up the piece as is.


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Leftovers Necklace

I had a bunch of leftover silver pieces from previous projects, Small pieces of chain, jump rings, short pieces of wire and punched out holes from silver sheet. They were taunting me, wanting to be used for something instead of sitting in a dark drawer. Not sure what I was going to do, I started putting pieces together, soldering each component. The one thing I did use that wasn’t leftover was some Argentium silver wire. I had some sitting around for the longest time. I heard it the wire balls up cleaning, unlike sterling silver. Decided to give it a try. Not one to test before starting, I just 60 pieces and took them out to the garage. I used my glass torch and was able to get a big clean ball without any pitting. Not only this, it seems to make bigger balls. I used 18 gauge wire and the size of the balls surprised me.

After finishing a decent length, I decided to add a shorter chain as it seemed kind of sparse. It’s funky, it’s rustic and I think I’ll be making more of these. I have more ideas for different chains and I like how nothing has to match.


Some close ups…..


While it was fun doing the smashed balls, it was much harder to smash the second end AFTER balling up each one. Might have been easier to do them before putting in the next piece.LeftoversNecklace3



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